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Publications and Reports

Annual Reports 

OHR Performance Reports

OHR is required to annually report progress of DC Human Rights Act enforcement to the Mayor and the Council of the District of Columbia. The report includes case dockets, case closures, and benefits achieved by successful complainants. Additionally, the Director reports other annual activities of (OHR) and the Commission on Human Rights, including community outreach, education programs, compliance programs, mediation, and fair housing.

View Current and Past Annual Reports.


Language Access Compliance Reports

OHR is required to annually report progress of Language Access Act enforcement to the Mayor and the Council of the District of Columbia. The report includes compliance summaries and status of each District agency identified by name in the Act and/or through regulation. Additionally, the Director reports policy recommendations, where necessary, for District agencies.

View the Current and Past Language Access Compliance Reports.


Youth Bullying Prevention Biennial Reports

OHR is required to report to the Mayor and the Council, on a biennial basis, the current implementation of the Youth Bullying Prevention Act of 2012 and to provide a summary of the status of bullying in the District of Columbia. 

View Current and Past Youth Bullying Prevention Biennial Reports.


Research Reports and Policies

The State of Street Harassment in DC: A Report on the First Year of Implementing the Street Harassment Prevention Act

April 2020

Hired and Transgender

"The State of Street Harassment in DC" is a first year progress report that highlights the work of OHR and the Advisory Committee on Street Harassment in identifying the prevalence of street harassment in DC and communities affected most as well as providing recommendations on how to reduce and prevent further incidents from occurring the District. 

Read "The State of Street Harassment in DC"


The Fair Criminal Record Screening Amendment Act of 2014: The Work and Enforcement by the DC Office of Human Rights

May 2019


"The FCRSA: The Work and Enforcement by the DC Office of Human Rights" is a progress report that highlights the work of OHR, number of complaints filed with OHR and the law's profound impact on the District's returning citizens since enactment in 2014.  

Read "FCRSA Report"


Hired and Transgender: Self-Testing for Hiring Bias against Transgender Applicants

September 2016

Hired and Transgender

“Hired and Transgender: Self-Testing for Hiring Bias against Trans* Applicants” is a step-by-step guide for employers, human resources professionals, and hiring managers to evaluate their hiring practices for discrimination based on gender identity and make changes as needed.  

Read "Hired and Transgender."


Valuing Transgender Applicants & Employees: A Best Practices Guide for Employers

June 2016

Qualified and Transgender

"Valuing Transgender Applicants & Employees" is an easy-to-use guide that provides employers with instructions and “best practices” for transgender applicants and employees that go beyond legal obligations. These best practices can help create a workplace environment that is genuinely inclusive of the transgender community, to the benefit of all employees and the employer itself.

Read "Valuing Transgender Applicants & Employees."


Qualified and Transgender: A Report on Results of Resume Testing for Employment Discrimination Based on Gender Identity

October 2015

Qualified and Transgender

The "Qualified and Transgender" report presents findings from the first government-run testing project in the nation to analyze how employers respond to resumes from applicants perceived as transgender compared with resumes of applicants perceived as cisgender. After conducting 50 resume tests using 200 applications, OHR found District employers frequently offered interviews to less-qualified applicants perceived as cisgender over more-qualified applicants perceived as transgender.

Read "Qualified and Transgender."


10 Years of Language Access in Washington, DC

April 2014

10 Years of Language Access in Washington, DCTo commemorate the 10 year annivesary of the DC Language Access Act, OHR commissioned a report from the Urban Institute to reflect on 10 years of implementation and make recommendations on how to further improve government services for those who are limited and non-English proficient (LEP/NEP). The report, along with input from government agencies and community advocates, will help guide the Language Access Program as it continues to strive to provide equal services to LEP/LEP people.

Read "10 Years of Language Access in Washington, DC."


District-wide Model Bullying Prevention Policy

January 2013

District-wide Model Bullying Prevention PolicyThe Citywide Youth Bullying Prevention Program and Task Force created a model bullying prevention policy which is unique in that (1) it is one of the first in the nation to address bullying at a citywide level, acknowledging bullying happens beyond the schools and occurs in libraries, recreation centers, the transit system and other public spaces as well; (2) uses a public health framework to target prevention efforts and interventions effectively; and (3) is evidence-based, using research and best practices that are tailored to fit the realities of the District. All youth-serving agencies, educational institutions and grantees are required under law to use the model policy as a guide for creating and implementing their own bullying prevention policies.

Read the "District-wide Model Bullying Prevention Policy."