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Immigrants Contribute Campaign: Meet Gary

Immigrants Contribute Campaign

Take a few moments to learn about how Gary contributes to the District. Read more about him below, and view and download his print and radio ads.   

Immigrants Contribute Campaign: Gary's Ad

Download the full-size advertisement (PDF)

Gary came from China in 1990 as a student, and decided to immigrate because he wanted a better future for his family. At first, the transition was very hard for him because he struggled with speaking English. He found a job waiting tables at a restaurant, and over time his living conditions improved. He is very thankful he was able to come to the US, because the ability to rise in society was more possible in the US than it was where he grew up. In addition to now having a great job, Gary provides interpretation for Chinese-speaking individuals who need assistance accessing services, so they are able to eventually have the same opportunities he did. When not working, he enjoys attending meetings of the book club he helped found six years ago, and likes walking through the National Gallery of Art and celebrating the moon and autumn festivals with his family.  

Radio Announcement

Listen to Gary's radio announcement in Chinese. The announcement can also be heard in English