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OHR Reports on Translation/Interpretation "Certification" Programs

The following reports provide information on translation and interpretation credentialing programs.

This report researches the various government court certification options available for federal, state and local governments within the Washington metropolitan area. The District government does not “certify” its court interpreters. The Office of Court Interpreting Services (OCIS) in the DC Superior Court prefers that interpreters be certified by the Administrative Office (AO) of the United States Courts, but also accepts state court interpreting certification from any state where certification is available. 

In the United States there are over 1600 translation and/or interpretation credentialing programs for individuals and over 200 accreditation programs for schools, institutions, businesses and service providers. This report explores the credentialing possibilities for translators and interpreters within the United States, which include the following: certification granted by the government, certification by professional and/or commercial organizations, and certification by an academic institution.