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Highlights of Fiscal Year 2016 : Annual Report

"Exceptional customer service and innovative education campaigns are critical and the ever expanding docket of our cases is proof of the trust we have established   with the communities we serve. ” -Director Mónica Palacio

OHR's fiscal year 2016 was marked by the continued rise in the number of inquiries of discrimination and docketed cases as well as progressive policy and outreach work. Our Highlights of Fiscal Year 2016 report provides details of these cases and others, and looks into the proactive work of the agency. Highlights include:

  • OHR received 2,048 inquiries and docketed 664 cases alleging a violation of the Human Rights Act, 362 a violation of the Fair Criminal Record Screening Amendment Act, 12 a violation of the DC Family and Medical Leave Act, and 14 a violation of the Language Access Act;
  • Sex remained the most commonly listed protected trait of our docketed cases; 
  • 60 percent of mediated cases (467 of 776) were settled successfully at that stage; 
  • $3.89 million was awarded to complainants through settlements via mediation;
  • Our Valuing Transgender Employees and Applicants guidebook garnered national attention as a best practices model to create workplace environments that are genuinely inclusive of the transgender community, to the benefit of all employees and the employer itself; 
  • More than 300 participants from different backgrounds and communities registered for our Fast With DC Muslims campaign;
  • TEDx Talks on women's rights and experiences in the workplace from our Salon Series E.V.E Everyone Values Equality received over 75,000 total views; and
  • 4,585 District government employees were trained by our Language Access team.

We are proud to share these numbers - and our Highlights of Fiscal Year 2016 report - with you. We appreciate your support of our work, and will continue to fight to end discrimination in the District. 

Download the report:

Highlights of Fiscal Year 2016 (PDF) - 8.4MB