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#FastWithDCMuslims: Allies Standing Together against Discrimination

Fast with DC Muslims
The “Fast With DC Muslims” project is a one-day campaign on June 29 in the District of Columbia that empowers you to join DC Muslims by fasting in solidarity and against anti-Muslim discrimination. Individuals that registered by June 21 were sent a personalized “Fast With DC Muslims” pin to wear on June 29, and a few short talking points on the diversity of Muslims, and ways to be a strong allies against discrimination. When people see your pin and ask why you are fasting, you can simply recite one of the talking points. It’s that easy, and together we can reach thousands of people!

Over 300 members of the public have registered to participate on June 29 and we expect many more to join!

The "Tips"

The talking points on "why we are fasting" were provided in participant packages and are also available online in PDF or Word. Here is a sample tip:

"I am fasting to help make others aware that not all Muslims are Arab and not all Arabs are Muslim. There is much diversity in the Muslim community". 

A few more things to know

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is an annual observance where Muslims spend a month observing a fast from sunrise to sunset. During this time, Muslims abstain from all food and drink during the daylight hours. However, Ramadan is about much more than not eating and drinking. Ramadan serves as a time to cleanse the soul, increase charitable giving, and practice self-discipline.

Why are we fasting in DC? Fasting is an experience that crosses religious, cultural and political traditions -- and is often used as a tool to express support or opposition for various issues. We are fasting in DC on June 29 because the Muslim community is frequently targeted for discrimination, and we want to show our Muslim neighbors that DC is united against such discrimination. Most importantly, this serves as an opportunity for us all to evaluate the ideas and biases that divide us, and refocus our attention on each other and our human commonalities.

How to personalize your pin

#FastWithDCMuslims Pin

You may have noticed a little “blank space” on the pin (at right). We are asking you to personalize your pin and fill in the blank with a trait or group with which you identify. The intent is to recognize intersectionality amongst many things in our culture from religion to race, sexual orientation to gender, political affiliation to athlete, and much more. Just as much of our identity transcends any one group or association , there are many more layers to Muslims than the faith alone.  Here are a few examples:

Ex. “Yogi and Fasting”, “Black and Fasting”, Atheist  and Fasting”, “Gay and Fasting”

TIP! We found that using a black sharpie to personalize your button will give you clearest “write-in”, though other types of markers may work too!

Further the messages with social media

As a visual statement that you are standing against anti-Muslim discrimination, participants are encouraged to use their social media to promote the event and spread awareness about our fellow Muslim Americans on June 29 using the hashtag #FastWithDCMuslims.

More Information

For additional detailed information about the campaign, download the "Fast With DC Muslims Campaign Description" in PDF or Word


The “FastWithDCMuslims" project is a collaboration between the District of Columbia government, KARAMAH: Muslims Women Lawyers for Human Rights, mosques, Muslim advocacy organizations and allies with the desire to share information about DC Muslims to increase awareness and understanding.

Participating Partners

Asian and Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project

Collective Action for Safe Spaces

Council on American-Islamic Relations

DC Center for the LGBT Community

Many Languages One Voice

Mayor's Office on African Affairs

Mayor's Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs