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Equal and Inclusive Housing: Knowledge for Stakeholders Webinars

The Equal and Inclusive Housing: Knowledge for Stakeholders webinar – presented by the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights – provides an introduction to housing discrimination in the District, including local and federal fair housing laws, and to the process of reporting complaints of discrimination to the Office of Human Rights. The webinar originally aired April 11, 2013, the 45th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which was signed into law just one week after the death of its champion Martin Luther King, Jr. The webinars are made available in English, Amharic, Chinese, French and Spanish, and can be used by those interested in learning or teaching others about DC and federal fair housing laws. Scripts are also provided for download in each language (PDF).

Equal and Inclusive Housing: Knowledge for Stakeholders  [PDF Script]


Seminario de Internet Sobre Vivienda Justa: Guión de Video a Traducir [PDF]


የፍትሕ ቤቶች ዌብናር፣ ቪድዮ ቅርፅ ትርጉም [PDF]

公平住宅在线研讨会:供翻译的视频脚本 [PDF]

Webinaire Sur L'égalité de L'accès au Logement [PDF]