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#DC19 Campaign

The choice to be yourself.

We do not choose our skin color. We do not choose our gender. We do not choose our abilities. Or where we are born. But we do spend a lifetime choosing to love ourselves, and we have the right to equal treatment as we find ourselves. Discrimination is a choice. It is the decision we make to engage or retreat from other humans based on our readily identifiable differences – creating a complex of superiority with our needs being more important than anyone else’s.

We can often be obsessed with the idea of “fitting in”, and it is oftentimes difficult to truly embrace ourselves and in turn liberate others and encourage them to do the same. We are trained to assimilate, compromise ourselves, and contort ourselves in order to exist in the mold created by another person. We believe our laws here in DC were built to combat the idea of “fitting in” and instead allow ourselves to live life free. And at OHR, we have your back when you choose to do so.  

The #DC19 Campaign

In the District, there are 19 traits protected from discrimination. The #DC19 campaign - appearing throughout the Metro system during the month of October - aims to highlight those traits and inform people they can file a complaint with our office if they believe they've been discriminated against. Help us educate others by downloading and sharing the ads below.  



National Origin


#DC19: Age Ad #DC19: Disability Ad #DC19: National Origin Ad #DC19: Race Ad



Sexual Orientation (Women)

Sexual Orientation (Men)

#DC19: Religion Ad #DC19: Sex Ad #DC19: Sexual Orientation Ad (Women) #DC19: Sexual Orientation Ad (Men)

File a Complaint of Discrimination

If you have been discriminated against because of one of the 19 protected traits in the District, file a complaint at