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የህዳር 2022 የዳይሬክተር ማስታወሻ (Amharic)

Monday, November 28, 2022

Dear residents, neighbors, and companions:

Novemberhas something specialto be known for the year: It's time to remember everything that deserves credit. Often, we focus on the negative aspects of our lives or society, forgetting to appreciate the little things we take for granted in life. One of the things I want to focus on this year is the ratification of the D.C. Human Rights Act of 1977 (HRA).

For the past 45 years, HRA has remained one of the nation's most universal human rights laws. The law protects education institutions, employment hiring, housing and publicsupplies, as well asgovernment services, and23humanepeople who live, work or visit in Districh It providesa protect based on rights, and itprotects discrimination.

At OkTober 1, the Human Rights ProtectionAmendment Act (A24-491) is in force andwe have expanded protection services. Three key features of this abstract include: 1) incorporating neutral contractors in particular in the HRA-covered version; 2) the status of homelessness in all four enforcement positions as a protection/protection character; and 3) the re-enactment and promotion of the verbal ትርጟሜዎችን of a hostile work environment that isolates a workaholic in the workplace.

Additionally, Whenit comes to rentingout, Aviation Record And Publishing Theory and Furness Off Tenanciriform's2022law (A24-357) has been in effect since Oktober 1. Key issues of the OHR-related legislation include: 1) including aprinted release record on housing as a separate human rights characteristic; Andto ensure that tenants comply with various provisions of the rental process; and 2) to clarify discriminationthat has viewed certain practices as sources of income.

We are work to provide more information about these changes by the end of the Novumber month, whichI encourage you to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where they will have access to a lot of up-to-date information.

As we continue to celebrate HRA's 45 years, we would also like to remind you that our annual 2022 Human Rights Commission is about to take place on December 6 in a Fair Square (Marion S. Berry Building). This year's theme is "celebrating exceptional leadership at the intersection of gender and human rights." You can sign up to be here. This year we will be awarding three awards, including Cornelius R. The "Nile" Alexander Prize for Humanity, the Coming Human Rights Leader Award, and the New Addition, the Community Award. The charity award recognizes individual efforts and achievements in the districy, with an uncompediable spirit of the commission's most celebrated former chief trial investigator. The FutureExampleLeaderAward is being awarded to an individual who is in the districy, 30 years or younger, who hasshown exceptional and unusual leadership in human rights awareness as a leader. The Community Award protects one or more of the 23 humanrightstraitsor other human rights issuesthat areseparated from 23 in the Districh It's being given to an organisation that is emerging as a leading leader to make them and promote them.

We look forwardto remembering the contribution of the Dragro Laureates and celebrating the continuing of the Truft and Tradition of Human and Civil Rights Protection.

With thanksgiving,