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The District’s progressive Human Rights Act, and the extensive list of protected classes, makes the nation’s capital an attractive and more livable city since it seeks to eradicate discrimination, and promotes fairness and equality in key areas that impact quality of life: employment, education and housing. A core function of OHR is to investigate individual complaints of discrimination filed with the agency.

How to File a Complaint

To file a complaint with the Office of Human Rights (OHR), simply complete an intake questionnaire and submit it to OHR.  Please select from the list below the intake questionnaire that pertains to your complaint. You may choose to fill out forms online or using the print version; both may be submitted online. Before completing the intake questionnaire, please review the “Who Can File” section below. DC government employees and applicants, please see section below titled "Who Can File a Complaint".



Educational Institutions

Places of Public Accommodation

Language Access Public Complaint Form  

Fair Criminal Record Screening Complaint Form    

To file a complaint because you believe an employer improperly asked about your criminal background during the application or interview process, or because a conditional job offer was revoked after criminal convictions were discovered, please see our Criminal Background and Screening Complaint Form.

Protecting Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Complaint Form  

To file a complaint because an employer failed to provide reasonable workplace accommodations for employees whose ability to perform job duties is limited because of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or a related medical condition, please see our Protecting Pregnant Workers Fairness Act information page.

Unemployed Anti-Discrimination Act Complaint Form

To file a complaint because you believe an employer failed or refused to consider you for employment because you were unemployed, please see our Unemployed Anti-Discrimination Act information page.

Taxicab or Vehicle-for-Hire Discrimination Complaints  

If you believe you were discriminated against by a taxi driver, vehicle-for-hire driver or related company while in the District of Columbia, you can file a complaint with both the DC Taxicab Commission and the DC Office of Human Rights by completing an online form.To file a complaint, please read our Taxicab and Vehicle-for-Hire Complaint page. 

Who Can File a Complaint

You may file a discrimination complaint if you believe you have been discriminated against in employment, housing, public accommodations and educational institutions based on a protected trait in DC. You can also file a complaint based on language access services denied at a government agency, an employer who improperly asked about your criminal record during the application or interview process, or discrimination by a taxi or vehicle-for-hire. Other helpful facts include:

  • You do not have to be a District of Columbia resident, but the alleged discrimination must have taken place in the District of Columbia.
  • Your complaint must be filed with OHR within one year of the occurrence or discovery of the alleged act.
  • DC government employees and applicants alleging employment discrimination must first consult an Equal Employment Opportunity counselor in any agency.The EEO counselor has 30 calendar days in which to seek a solution on an informal basis and issue an Exit Letter. You may file formal charges with the Office within 15 calendar days of your final interview with the EEO counselor and receipt of the Exit Letter.
  • Federal employees alleging employment discrimination should consult with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at www.eeoc.gov.


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